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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions, and our answers. If your question is not answered here, or if you feel that an answer is not satisfactory, feel free to contact us directly.
What exactly is "Ah Yer!"?
Who can post properties?
How do I upload property listings?
What does the term "Ah Yer!" mean?
Who is behind Ah Yer! Malaysia?
If I am a real estate broker, what can Ah Yer! Malaysia do for me?

Is it really free? Until when is it free?
How does Ah Yer! Malaysia make money?
Are you already making a profit?
What is the Bumiputra price and non-Bumi price?
    In Malaysia, ethnic Malays (known as Bumiputra) are entitled to preferred pricing, by law, whereas standard pricing applies to Malaysians of non-Malay ethnicity and non-Malaysians. At Ah Yer! Malaysia it is up to the user who posts the listing to decide which price to list. If the price listed is the Bumiputra price, non-Malays and foreign nationals should expect to pay a higher price. If the price listed is the non-Bumi price, it applies to all buyers including non-Malaysians.
What is a Malay-reserve property?
What are the benefits of using Ah Yer! Malaysia?
How do I use Ah Yer! Malaysia to sell properties?
How long will it take to sell my properties on Ah Yer! Malaysia ?
Why should I use Ah Yer! Malaysia if I already have a home page?
What's the point of Ah Yer! Malaysia? There are already dozens of real estate portals.
What is a "filter"?
How do I deactivate the filter?
What does "Intelligent" sorting mean?
How do I show only residential properties?
How do I show only commercial properties?
Why does Price/Area show most expensive properties first?
What does it mean if there are two prices shown for a listing?
What forex rate is used for the currency conversion?
Why is the listings form so detailed?
What if I don't have sufficient information to fill out the listings form?
How many photos can I upload?
How many listings can I add?
Can a listing be marked as "SOLD"?
How do I delete a listing?
What do I keep getting "Warning: Page has Expired"?
Why doesn't Ah Yer! Malaysia support maps?
Where are the forums? Aren't there any discussion groups?
Is it not possible to provide feedback and ratings for sellers and brokers?
Why is my town not included in the geographical database?
I really hate this about Ah Yer! Malaysia. What can you do about it?
Why does Ah Yer! Malaysia have different account levels, if all are free?
What is the difference between a Gold and Platinum account?
How do I upgrade to a Gold or Platinum account?
Why do Gold and Platinum accounts require a link to Ah Yer! Malaysia?
How do I upgrade to Gold or Platinum if I don't have a home page?
Why are brokers required to enter their full names?
What do I need to list a property with Ah Yer! Malaysia?
What if I want to offer a property already on offer at Ah Yer! Malaysia?
What if I find a listing with fraudulent information?


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